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is the sequester happens and america doesn't really notice beau the changes are -- notice because the changes are so minute. but maxine waters said up to 170 million people will lose their jobs. we're going to have a lot of people from other countries come in to lose their jobs for that number to work outs. i ask you a question. who said this yesterday: rise up, oh god, and save us from ourselves? >>steve: dennis rodman. >>brian: no. barry black, the house chaplain, said can we please stop the sequester and save us from ourselves. because that is what is happening. aufplt cuts are -- automatic cuts are going to kick in. what do you think about controlling the spending? fox news did a poll. where do they find the time. they asked this questions: voters were asked is sequester needed to make congress cut back on spending? most of you said yes. 57% only with automatic cuts. 29% lawmakers can do it on their own. they never have. 14% unsure. >>gretchen: these are educated people answering this question because they realize the senate has not passed a budget in however many years. to an extent they
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is clumsy. he says one thing on monday, changes his mind on tuesday and says a different thing on wednesday. and he doesn't understand that what that does is create a lack of trust. in foreign policy, the one thing i learned working with george herbert walker bush is that the most important thing in the world is for people to trust america and to have a feeling that america will be there in dealing with the national security issues. on both counts, this president obama has lost. >>steve: it is curious, because if you're just watching -- if you saw the president with netanyahu yesterday, you would think they're getting along great. in the past, for all intents and purposes, it seemed like they hated each other. the fact that b.b. netanyahu used to go to school with mitt romney, that didn't help things. but there is a quote today that apparently a senior israeli official said there was -- quote -- "a tacit agreement apparently between both leaders, if not coordination, to engage in a very intense public display of affection." >>alisyn: good. fantastic. if president obama's visit to israel hel
very significant changes within the curia, with the dysfunction in the central management. and he's choosing to do that based on not so much words, but by actions. his action is hey, guys, forget the clerical careerism. let's get down to the nitty-gritty of service, love, kindness and tenderness. >>steve: today it starts. he has officially been installed and now he's our pope. father jonathan morris, great having you over the last two weeks or so guiding you through this process. >>brian: even prior to that. >> thanks, brian. thank you. >>steve: we should also point out that security-wise, everybody who was there in the square had been swept. >> it was interesting he was not in a bullet-proof automobile as in the past and going out there to meet his flock. you notice how simply he was dressed. he just had the wooden cross on. some of the cardinals dressed a lot more ornately this morning. we need to get to the rest of your headlines on this tuesday morning. an arrest in the death of a wall street reporter daniel pearl. they have arrested former militant leader abdul hagi. our stat
.s.a. changing rules to make it easier for the rest of the world to carry knives on airplanes. good idea? no. i'm going to tell you right now. no, it's a dumb idea. we'll tell why you it's a dumb idea. >>brian: but they're going to take my baby shampoo. >>steve: are you still using baby shampoo? >>brian: it gets out the tangles. >>gretchen: you only saw that because your next word is baby? >>brian: forget good looks and a sense of humor. the latest trend of finding a mate: credit scores. >>steve: fico. >>brian: "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: we're incredulous about every headline we read today. we've got to get ride to the headlines -- right to the headlines. hugo chavez died. this morning venezualans are glad to see hugh go. that's venezualans in miami and across the u.s. cheering after his death. the socialist dictator and fierce point of the u.s. died from cancer apparently. the vice president will serve in the interim. president obama released a statement saying at this challenging time of hugo chavez's passing, the united states reaffirms its support for the venezualan people. hu
was like before 9/11 and things changed at that time. it is an interesting discussion but i don't know if it is quite that black and white. >>steve: it is black and white now. it is unconstitutional the way the constitution reads. they've got all these legal opinions, the administration has, where they say we can do this. >>brian: if al-awlaki is sitting in a restaurant and we know he is as vile as bin laden and for some reason we can't get a direct shot at him, we can shoot him out of the sky, i want my president to have the ability to do that. >>steve: if he's in a washington restaurant, what sort of imminent threat does he pose? >>brian: he has operatives in order. he's got plans on the move. he doesn't actually do the crime. he perpetrates the crime. >>steve: we need rules on how it will be done in the future. >>gretchen: let's pan it out a little bit more. how do you legislate that? how do you say if they're in a coffee shop and there are only two other american citizens with them, you can take out the terrorists. >>brian: they're discussing a fisa court for drones where you have
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that a long time before the sequester. has there been any change? moving into the other area she talked about, this is a little bit more serious, with regard to illegal immigrants. >>brian: more are getting out. they said we're going to look at those who don't look dangerous and let them out because we have no choice. at $164 a night to keep an illegal housed up, we can't afford to leave them there. remember the few hundred let out leading up to sequester, now we have hundreds more and maybe thousands more are going to be leaving their prison beds. we'll monitor, ask them to come in once or twice a week and say hi, i'm illegal and then go back to do what they do. >>gretchen: going to put ankle brace hr-ts on them? >> in some cases yes. this flies in the face of what the press reported where 2,000 were released. but what she stressed was the fact that these were the lowest-risk detainees who they were letting out. low, low risk. as it turns out, the very first illegal they detailed in "the new york times," a fellow by the name of anthony williams, an immigrant from jamaica who has been in dete
marvelous example of what's happened so often in history in the catholic church. continuity in change, as if the cardinal electors were reading writings on charity when they voted for our new pope francis. 35 years ago the conclave gave us a new pope from poland, and he changed europe. today the future of the church rests in so many ways on what happens in la particular america, the western hemisphere. and now the church has a new leader from latin america who is going to energize the whole hemisphere and renew the church there. so this is really a very exciting time for catholics. >>steve: it certainly is, and it's skpaoeugt that he -- exciting he is from the order of jesuits. he sound like a man of the people. i've been reading this morning about how after he came out on the loja and greeted everybody, he went back to that majestic room, and rather than sit down in a chair, which is tradition and all the cardinals would come and greet him, he stood face-to-face with them. he takes the bus and makes his own food and drives himself around. he sounds great. >> he is a man of the people
. and personal attacks can never change that. >>steve: joining us now, the woman from that ad, elaine chao. she is a member of the parent company of fox news. good morning to you, secretary. >> good morning. >>steve: when i read that tweet and that could be the first time a lot of people have actually seen it, that's racist. >> this is the most recent example of this kind of behavior. we've seen it in the past over the years. and there's ao pattern to this kind of attack. basically mitch's opponents, his left-wing opponents can't compete him on policy issues and so they resort to racial slurs and championing his patriotism because he's married to me. we've seen, for example, the daughter of the sitting governor of kentucky -- the sitting democrat governor of kentucky, the same thing a few years back. and another time a former democrat governor of kentucky said the same thing. so once again, you know, mitch does a great job representing the people of kentucky, indeed, against some of the very bad ideas of washington. >>steve: madam secretary, i'm just astounded that there's no outrage. if this w
would be an advocate of changing it if we on stay with it. change it to a friday. >> yes. i don't understand why it's always on a sunday. i actually learned the reason is apparently had to do with the train schedule way back when that was the easiest day to change the clocks because the trains were not running nearly as frequently on sundays as they would on friday. but i personally think that we're probably past that time in our lives now and if we change it on fridays, that gives all of us a chance on saturday and sunday to adjust better. >> gretchen: all right. thanks very much for the tips. i feel much more rested already. >> that's fantastic. >> gretchen: all right. 297. i'm asleep. next up, today is the day there is about to be a major shakeup at "the view." elizabeth hasselbeck has been booted from the show. and even man's best friend has a best friend of his own. a blind dog forms an incredible bond with his own seeing eye dog. they're here next and they both need a home. right back [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we un
. nfl, the big players changing teams. free agency. miami dolphins signed now former steelers wide receiver mike wallace. and the super bowl champs, the baltimore ravens losing two key defensive players. paul krueger with the browns and the dolphins linebacker daniel ellerbee. looks like terrell reavus could be going to tampa bay. coming up on kilmeade and friend from 9 till noon on the fox news radio app and kilmeade and friends, judith miller among the many guests joining us live as well as dr. keith ablow? >>steve: if you need weather information, you would go to january niece dean, our weather -- you would go to janice dean, our weather machine. >> speaking of winter, still here not only here but across europe. let's look at this video. snow is the blame for this massive pileup in germany. more than 100 cars collided on the auto bonn. first responders said the road looked more like a battle field covered in wreckage. we've seen scenes like this over parts of the midwest and the northeast. i want to point out as we go to the maps across europe, paris only 28 degrees. they had ov
think monster will be changing their labeling so they no longer have to talk to the feds? >> first of all, the idea that supplements and beverages are the same thing is fiction. the reason it's fiction is because that energy drink you just mentioned is now saying we're going to record it as a beverage. here's the difference. with beverages you have to put on the label what your ingredients are, so you put the amount of caffeine you might have. you might say there is 160 milligrams per drink. you don't have as much f.d.a. regulation if you're a beverage and you don't have to report deaths that may be associated with the drink. that's where the controversy comes from. when people died, it gets a lot of media attention and the energy drink people are saying we're not responsible for that so they would rather it be listed as a beverage. supplements are higher regulated and you have to report the deaths. >>anna: there has been more scrutiny over these drinks these days? >> it's not just the caffeine, but the sugar. people don't realize what they're getting with this. with the second one
they change their tune and fall in line and want stricter gun control as well. the democrats who are in favor of these gun control measures say, look, this is all about the economy. that is why we're not doing these pay raises. this plan has been in effect for the last couple of years but the sherrifs aren't so sure about that. >>steve: el paso county sheriff says let me get this straight. we're not getting our pay raises. i have heard, he says, from other lawmakers and other sherrifs that it's clearly one of those quid procash things where unless we go along with what they are doing in the statehouse we're not going to get our money. there's a quotation. he says senate democrats made it known sherrifs, obey or not -- rather, sherrifs, obey or no pay for you. the first word thatdoms my mind is extortion. >>brian: let's talk more about gun control. the president of the united states sits down and was asked about pot in the past and said there is a federal law saying pot's illegal. but in colorado you can actually have marijuana and not get elected. they say are you going to crack down on that,
we need them? are they going to change their policy? am i going to be able to look to the united states as i have in the past for help? the question leads to a lot of bad things. >>gretchen: two questions i have: is it the fact you believe it is naive to think we can trust these other countries? the second part of the question is what does it mean for people here, private firearms owners? >> it's not only naive. it's dangerous. when we go to the tame with people that don't -- when we go to the table with people that don't have a good history, dictatorships, tyrants and say we're going to come up with a policy that the united states will follow, the other people will not, that's bad. and the united states, we are protected by our constitution and our amendments to do certain things. the right to keep and bear arms is there. this has dangerous implications down the road. most of them that are there are saying you're pushing something not really there. i'm saying i'm not and the rest of the country knows it. we have 220-something cosponsors and 34 senators are saying we don't want
you think it's helpful that prince rebus in the r.n.c. said we've got to make changes? >> of course. you need to find out how you need to improve and find out where your weaknesses are. you do it as an individual and we should do it as a party. >>steve: you were invited to the president's st. patrick's day reception last year. not this year. >> not this year. i haven't been receiving many phone calls from the president lately. >>steve: but we're calling him because he's a fox news contributor. straight ahead, the top boss at i.c.e. saying maybe it wasn't a good idea to release 2,000 illegals on to the streets. his own words ahead. cyprus is so broke, they want to claw back money from regular folks. could that happen here? could our federal steal our money? charles payne with the preview of that scary preview of that scary notion in two minutes. what's droid-endurance ? the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. earning loads of poi
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just work hard every day. >>gretchen: how has that changed in our society? or has it? there is a lot of discussion about whether or not more folks now are comfortable getting a handout as opposed to working extremely hard to get to where you've become. >> everyday i wake up, look in the mirror and get going. you can't sit on the couch and complain about everybody else. you see during the financial meltdown, i declared to my employees that gold star would not be participating in the world's recession. we work hard and never looked back. we kept on going. >>steve: when you came in the united states, you had 17 cents in your pocket given to you by somebody for what? >> a friend of gave me 17 cents to write a letter back home. >>steve: man. the letter you have written in this book is an inspiration to everybody. it's called "17 cents and a dream." congratulations. it's a pleasure. >>gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," the white house says it can't afford to give tours anymore but eric bolling can? a man with a plan. >>steve: it may be the best prank you've seen? calls by chuckie the
this crazy european union thing and there was such high hopes that this would change everything. it really has. >> it really has. this is one more sort of chink in the armor, one more example of whether euro may not survive in its current form. cyprus is a small country, okay, but this is drastic. >>brian: and why your u.k. was smart not to play. >> your u.k.? what's this with the finger pointing? i am thoroughly americanized. >>brian: it was smart for the u.k. not to go you're. >>steve: u.k. now is the university of kentucky. >> do they have a bracket? >>brian: they did not make it. they will not be repeating. let's go to the break and talk about this. >> i'm not fully americanized? i don't know my bracket. >>steve: straight ahead -- of course watch stuart three hours from now. >>brian: got to get his promo. >>steve: he does. doesn't take extra money. just wants face time on our show. we told you about the accusations of benghazi survivors. 33 of them are being told to keep quiet or else, but our next guest says those survivors may not be as important as we think. >>ainsley: they show up
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to making fun of president obama, perhaps excluding jay leno. welcome evan. >> thank you. >> let's change. carson used to make fun of everybody. >> carson felt a responsibility to be a comedian. that was his primary goal was to be an entertainer. since then the primary goal is to become an advocate. >>brian: in what way? >> liberals believe this is war. therefore, they see themselves as warriors for the cause. when you make fun of your candidate, you're actually, it's friendly fire. >>brian: you know what i think is amazing, if you watch the late-night phopb logs back to back to back, jay leno is the one that is somewhat fair and balanced. us number one and he might be paying the price for his job. is there a relationship to that? >> i don't know the internal workings of nbc but it is at the very least suspect, he was the leader. he is the one that felt his responsibility was to continue the carson tradition, maybe continue the will rogers tradition of taking on politicians in general. he's losing his job. i don't know the internal workings but i would suspect yes. >>brian: a network that
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21